A Wall Street Psychologist’s Guide to:

Mastering the Moneyed Mind

How to survive and prosper in a money-mad world

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Replete with true, fresh-from-the-field tales of battles with, and victory over unhealthy money-mind habits, this book makes a concrete, convincing, and often poignant case for seeing the ancient surrogate of value we call money as a stepping stone on the road to balanced living and true, multi-faceted success.

MASTERING THE MONEYED MIND features a comprehensive set of techniques and exercises taken from the western and eastern traditions, emphasizing the mind-body connection, and geared toward improving anyone's emotional balance and peace of mind.

Offering a sweeping overview of the history of money, presenting scientific analyses of human behavior, and summarizing the latest research in the exciting new field of neuroeconomics, this ambitious work presents clear, actionable strategies readers can apply to alleviate problems stemming from misunderstanding money and forming unhealthy relationships with it. Utilizing the innovative and practical strategies and techniques outlined here, anyone can learn to be in better control of their inner selves and, in turn, their career or business.

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